The marine peril is the risk arising out of or connected with the marine navigation, i.e. the sea represents the cause of damage or it may arise of navigational difficulties encountered.

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Insurance Cover for Assets and Liability

The object of a fire insurance policy is to provide indemnity for losses or damages sustained by an insured resulting from fire or special perils. Such assets may be Buildings, Office Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture, Plants, Equipment and other stock and consumable.

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Insurance Cover for Staff/Benefit

The group assurance plan is arranged to pay a benefit called the sum assured, which is a lump sum payment to the dependents of any group of people with at least two members.

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Oil and Gas Insurance

This policy covers all risks of physical loss and destruction to the insured properties (including Legal liability arising thereof) to the properties of the insured or arising out of the insured’s operations (including their agents).

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