Group Life Assurance:

The group assurance plan is arranged to pay a benefit called the sum assured, which is a lump sum payment to the dependents of any group of people with at least two members.

 Section 5 of The Pensions Reform Act of 2014  provides that “ every employer shall maintain a Group Life Insurance Policy in favour of each employee for a minimum of three times the annual total emolument of the employee and premium shall be paid not later  than the date of commencement of the cover

Range of industries

Financial Services
Transport & Logistics

Scope of Cover

Group life assurance provides death benefits to deceased member of a scheme however caused. The death may be by natural means or accidental.  It may also be extended to cover Funeral Expense Insurance and Critical Illnesses like Stroke, Paralysis, Heart Failure, and End stage Renal Failure etc. at an extra cost.

Workmen’s Compensation/Employers Liability

The Workmen’s Compensation Decree No. 17 of 1987 requires each employer of labour to pay compensation (at the level specified in the decree) to an employee for death or injury as a result of accident sustained in the course of their usual employment.

The object of the workmen’s compensation insurance policy therefore is to secure the benefit specified in the relevant decree so that employers will not have to pay out of purse the required compensation.

The Policy provides compensation for:

  1. Death/bodily injury by accident or disease of the employee arising out of and in the course of employment as required under the Workmen’s compensation Decree 1987 including common law.
  2. Reasonable medical expenses
  3. Reasonable transport expenses
  4. Legal costs and expenses incurred by an insured in defending any claim for the above compensations.

e. Overseas Medical Treatment, if required.

Group Personal Accident

This class of business provides compensation for the insured persons in respect of violent physical external injury resulting in death or disablement at any time anywhere in the world. It also offers compensation for medical expenses incurred in connection with such injury. This class of insurance can form part of a welfare package for employees. It is a 24 hours cover.


Scope of Cover:


Death Benefit:  This is payable upon the death of the insured employee, caused by accident within the meaning of the policy.  This benefit comprises of the estimated annual earnings (basic salary plus other emoluments) of each employee.

Permanent Disablement: This pays compensation upon total incapacitation which prevents an employee from engaging in or attending to any portion of the Insured’s ordinary profession or occupation.

Temporary Total Disablement: This pays weekly compensation following disablement which prevents an employee from engaging in or attending to any portion of the Insured’s ordinary profession or occupation.

Medical, Surgical and Hospital Expenses-  This is an amount payable by the insurer  to cover the medical expenses (including cost of operation, cost of medicine, surgical appliances and hospital or nursing home charges) necessarily incurred and expended in connection with any injury by accident within the meaning of the policy. The amount would be determined by the Insured, and must be reasonable.